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The need for a new generation of global leaders:

the “cosmopolitans”


Globalization has made the world smaller and flatter. Crossing cultures do create formidable challenges for individuals and organizations. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO, 2004), 70% of cross-boundaries business ventures fail due to cultural differences because individuals and organizations situated in different cultural environments have different norms, values and ways of doing things.
To survive in today' business environment, organizations need individuals who are able to navigate the complexities of the global market. We have all met expatriates who spent their entire life living abroad but are not able to speak any foreign language, live in close expatriate communities and have limited social contacts with local population. This model is obsolete. Today we must develop a new breed of global leaders. Expatriates are defined by location, as managers who are working in a different country from their own. In contrast, global leaders are defined by their state of mind  (Evans, Pucik and Barsoux, 2002). I will call these global leaders cosmopolitans. Cosmopolitans are individuals who not only have lived and worked in several countries but also at the same time possess the capabilities that enable them to be effective in dealing with diverse cultures. 
Over the last few years, I focused my managerial and academic work on cosmopolitans and on two important questions. First, what is the relation between their capability to operate across cultural boundaries - what we call Cultural Intelligence or CQ - and job performance ?
Second, can such capability be developed, and how can organizations do so ?
The aim of this site is sharing with you some of the research and project work which my team and I did in this area. Initiatives such as the "Intercultural Leadership Engagement and Development" (I-LEAD) program are particularly worth to share as they show that developing CQ in organizations can be done effectively and with limited financial investment.
You will find more in my new blog About Guido Gianasso / Leaders Across Cultures I hope you will find it interesting and stimulating !

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